Patent News Feeds Android app

I have released an update to an Android mobile application RSS and Twitter feed reader for patent-related news from several of the most popular patent and intellectual property (IP) blogs. This Android app is provided and maintained for free by my patent analysis company Wolf Mountain IP (via Wolf Mountain Apps).

For more details on the application, see the Google Play page for “Patent News Feeds”.

UPDATE (March 2, 2016): This app has since been unpublished.


Patent Claims Tree tool

I recently published a Chrome browser extension that provides a patent claims tree for a given patent document — this tool is available here.  I developed the tool for myself, and I find it quite handy in my daily patent analysis work, so I thought I would share it with the patent community for free.  I hope you like it.


  • Supports the following websites:
    • USPTO
    • FreePatentsOnline
    • Google Patents
    • ArchPatent
  • Displays the type of claim (e.g., apparatus, method, system, etc.)
  • Displays the word count for independent claims
  • Highlights the claim with the shortest word count
  • Displays a means-plus-function (MPF) language indication (searches for word “means”)
  • Links to USPTO Assignment database for the current US patent document.
  • Links to USPTO Maintenance Fees for the current patent.
  • Links for searching for US patent litigation associated with the patent.
  • Links to Google Patents PDF for the current US patent document.
  • Links to Google Patents Prior Art Finder for the current US patent document.
  • Links to FreePatentsOnline for the current US patent document.
  • Links to EPO Register for EP patent documents.
Patent Claims Tree Chrome extension
Patent Claims Tree Chrome extension

USPTO Inventor Resources

As a patent practitioner, I am often asked about patents, their purpose, and their scope. The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has several helpful web pages that an inventor can refer to when trying to learn more about patents. One such web page is the “Inventors Resource” page, available here.  For general information concerning patents, one can refer to the USPTO’s “Patent Basics”.  The USPTO also provides an overview of the role registered patent practitioners play in assisting inventors to obtain patents, and outlines the differences between a patent attorney and a patent agent here.  And finally, many companies and individuals are utilizing provisional patent application filings for various reasons, and the USPTO defines provisional patent applications and their associated process, considerations, and tradeoffs here.

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