Text Citations

This year (2021) I created and published another free browser extension called Excerpt with Link, which copies selected text and the associated webpage link (URL) to the clipboard. This provides a quick and simple way to cite website text. Options are also offered to determine how to format the text and link for pasting. This extension is not patent-focused, though I find it handy when citing indications of potential use in patent reviews and for referencing documentation sources. The extension is currently available for both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If there is demand, I’ll consider porting to Mozilla Firefox as well.

Try it out to expedite your text citations. Check out the screenshots below to see how the tool works.

Excerpt with Link is an additional browser extension you can add to your patent analysis tool arsenal, along with Patent Claims Analyzer, Patent Assignments, and Open Google Patents, all of which have been updated recently to add various enhancements.

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