Browser Extensions for Patent Analysis

The Chrome browser extension Patent Claims Analyzer is currently one of the most popular browser add-on tools focused on enhancing and expediting patent-related work, with well over 1,000 weekly users.

Two other popular patent analysis browser extensions I’ve created and used over the past several years are the Patent Assignments tool and the Open Google Patents tool, with each currently being leveraged by over 200 patent experts per week.

I am pleased to announce that I recently made enhancements to both tools, such as improving handling of text within text input boxes, adding support of US patent application serial numbers in the Patent Assignments tool, improving memory utilization, and reducing extension permissions.

Most importantly, both extensions have been ported to two additional web browsers — Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. In fact, as of this writing these two extensions are the only extensions in the respective extension stores dedicated to patent work. I understand that not everyone uses Google Chrome, particularly corporate users who have IT restrictions on software use. Therefore, by porting these two extensions to additional browsers, I hope that you are able to leverage the functionality which hundreds of patent experts have enjoyed for years in Chrome.

The Patent Assignments extension provides USPTO patent assignment information for any selected text, such as a selected company name or a patent number. This solution allows you to quickly look up any US patent assignments for a given company name, US patent number, US pre-grant publication number, or US patent application serial number in the USPTO patent assignment database.

The Open Google Patents extension allows you to quickly open Google Patents for a selected patent identifier. Select a patent identifier in text, then open the context menu and select “Open Google Patents” from the menu.

Screenshots for each extension are provided below. I hope that you find these applications helpful in your patent analysis.

Patent Assignments - screenshot
Patent Assignments browser extension

Open Google Patents Chrome extension
Open Google Patents extension