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More Patent Analysis Tools

November 7, 2014 Comments off

The patent claims tree Chrome browser extension I created in 2012 provides a patent claims tree for a given patent document, and it has become fairly popular, with several hundred users as of this writing. The tool is available at the Chrome Web Store, and is described in more detail here and here.

I have created additional Chrome browser extensions that I have found helpful and that you can use during patent analysis. One provides USPTO patent assignments for any selected text, such as a selected company name. This solution allows you to quickly look up any US patent assignments for a given company name in the USPTO patent assignment database.

UPDATED (May 22, 2017): The other links from a selected patent or patent application identifier on any webpage to the corresponding Google Patents page.

The “Patent Assignments” tool is available at the Chrome Web Store, as is the “Open Google Patents” tool.

Screenshots for each extension are provided below. I hope that you find these applications helpful in your patent analysis.

Patent Assignments - screenshot

Patent Assignments Chrome browser extension


Open Google Patents Chrome extension

Open Google Patents Chrome extension


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