Bottom Line


Bottom line it.


My nature is to study details, and that’s one reason I enjoy patent analysis work so much. Being a detective is exciting, and it’s fun to delve deeply into a patent under review. There are numerous considerations to be made for a patent under review, and each subsequent phase of review entails analyzing additional aspects. Because of this, there is often a lot to say about how one reaches a conclusion and a recommendation for a given patent. Clients often provide a numeric rating system for assets so that they can more easily determine the best patents, filtering out those without as much potential. But even when they don’t use a rating system, clients appreciate a high-level summary of the conclusion and recommendation, and sometimes they do not wish to delve into the details as to why an analyst made the conclusion. So I recommend for verbal feedback to first provide a very short bottom-lined summary, and only go into the associated background details upon request. Additionally, for written communication, give the overarching bottom line up front (e.g., at the top of an email or on the far left of a table), and then subsequently provide supporting details.